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Mwanamugimu Essay Contest

The Mwanamugimu  (Mwah-nah-moo-gee-moo) Essay contest's primary goal is to provide an opportunity for students to increase their knowledge of the historical and contemporary development of Africa. Its objectives are to provide the target population with opportunities that:

  1. Allow structured ways to learn about Africa

  2. Heighten awareness of African cultural heritage

  3. Improve writing and research skills


The project title, Mwanamugimu, is a proverb from the Republic of Uganda that means "from small acorns come mighty oaks." Chapters sponsor local essay contests that usually include awards programs. Regional contests are also held, with winning essays announced at regional conferences.

Program for Africa


Working in partnership with Africare, for many years Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. has assisted in providing thousands of dollars to purchase grain grinders for African women to help alleviate their back-breaking work. The project focus has now evolved as have the needs to addressing through finances and education HIV/AIDS awareness, education and treatment.

International Programs

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